Fatimah Asghar is a nationally touring poet, screenwriter, educator and performer.  Her work has appeared in many journals, including  POETRY Magazine, Gulf Coast, BuzzFeed Reader, The Margins, The Offing, Academy of American Poets and many others.  Her work has been featured on new outlets like PBS, NPR, Time, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, and others. In 2011 she created a spoken word poetry group in Bosnia and Herzegovina called REFLEKS while on a Fulbright studying theater in post-genocidal countries. She is a member of the Dark Noise Collective and a Kundiman Fellow. Her chapbook After came out on Yes Yes Books fall 2015. She is the writer and co-creator of Brown Girls, a web series that highlights friendships between women of color. Her debut book of poems, Today We’re American, is forthcoming on One World/ Random House.


One thought on “About

  1. i was very inspired by “If they come for you”……i am a new poet, writing at 70 years old, and very interested in the pressure of a country, the US, which claims to be a “melting pot”, yet which wants to keep people of color, muslims, lgbtq, women, disabled, poor and homeless people down…..and this being a taking-off point for poetry/writing….

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