New Poems in BuzzFeed Reader & POETRY Magazine & Others!

In the last few months I’ve had a couple of poems published!

WWE, a ghazal of mine, was published in the Academy Of American Poets website.

In the September issue of POETRY Magazine I had a poem called “My Love for Nature” published.

In BuzzFeed Reader I had a poem “Land Where My Father Died” published!

Also an interview in VIDA on the Bettering American Poetry Anthology.

Check them out!

Some New Poems of Mine You Should Check Out!

I’ve been bad about updating the site, but here are some recent publications you might want to check out!

Two poems in Adroit Journal

Sunday School at Public Pool

All Men Die in Diagram

America in Split This Rock

If Ever I Should Have A Child With A White Person in the Nashville Review

Dear Phillis Wheatley and Rewind/ Play in Pinwheel

A Special “Let Me Love Me” Themed Heart Journal Issue I Curated

Yay ❤




Articles About Me on PBS and Bitch Media!

Hey all!


Check out a few articles about my work that have come out recently:

For Poet Fatimah Asghar, the Word ‘Orphan’ Has More Than One Meaning

Poet Fatimah Asghar Speaks About Survival, Language, and Diaspora 

Interview With Fatimah Asghar

An Interview in Prairie Schooner

Split This Rock Poetry Festival brings Desperation, Activism and Passion to DC

A Conversation with Fatimah Asghar in the Adroit Journal

Interview on AirGo Radio




To The White Men Who Fear Everything

& everyone. Including my 11 year old frame

a circle of empty surrounding me & my violin


on the crowded bus the weeks after the towers

fell & then you blamed my skin. It was your feet


& broken glass that followed me around the field

when I showed up too early for soccer practice,


you who reminded me no sidewalk or park

would ever be mine. Anything coming from


a country ending in –stan steamed terror, towelhead,

exotic words I’d never heard, but now all my name but not


now all my resume but not. I know I must scare you,

white men, me with my heavy lidded eyes, loud


laugh & insistence on being here & heard.

Me, with my brown & fly until I die, me with my Islam


& tattoos & my uncle who changed his restaurant

to Afghani food the month after you threw bottles


against his windows & wrote go home terrorists

across all the menus. This is who I come from.


A man who said let them hate us & painted turbaned

men dragging a dying goat across the walls.


This is where I come from. These provinces

you can’t name, the wars you keep starting


& can’t win. Look at my people live. Look at my

people love. Look at how you drone our cities


& murder our children & we still find floor to dance.

Look how many heavens we have, just for us.


The world is full of people like me you want

to dissect, you want a name for everything


or else it’s free & not yours. Freedom outside

of whiteness is terror, food outside of whiteness


is spectacle, land outside of whiteness doesn’t

exist. White men, I know I make you afraid.


Me, with my colored rice, me with my name

you can’t pronounce, me without any land


& no intention to steal or pay you for a home

you can snatch up. Or burn down. Or hold a mirror


to & try to convince me I want more.

Chapbook up for pre-order, new poems & Let Me Love Me!

Hello all!

There has been a ton of exciting news lately! The biggest one is that my first chapbook, AFTER, is up for pre-order right now on YesYes books! Its on a sale right now where you get $2 off and free shipping, so act now!

Also, it was reviewed by Katherine Frain at the BlueShift Journal, which you can read here!

Here is an interview I did about it at Speaking of Marvels!

Two poems of mine, “Rewind/Play” and “Dear Phillis Wheatley” are up in the newest issue of Pinwheel Journal. 

Danez Smith said some really kind words about my work on LitHub’s list of #ActualAsianPoets

I did an interview at Entropy about some of my favorite foods!

I got nominated for a Pushchart by Nepantla and for Best of the Net by Heart Online and FreezeRay Poetry!

My poem “After” was published in the Summer 2015 issue of The Journal

My poem “Orphan” was published in an amazing journal called Nepantla, which features voiced of queer people of color. They also did an interview with contributors and you can check out what I and other writers are reading!

I also made a Tumblr for my Let Me Love Me project!! Check it out here! 

I did an interview about my Let Me Love Me Project that you can check out!