THE DARK NOISE COLLECTIVE 271678_4126959932343_228748970_o

Dark Noise is a multiracial, multi-genre collecting featuring amazing artists of color performing today. Our artists perform and lead workshops focusing on a variety of subjects including race, gender, religious exploration, queer identity, hip-hop culture, and radical truth telling. We offer artists that can host events, facilitate workshops, and give dynamic performances. Our artists have been featured on film and television projects including HBO’s Brave New Voices, TV One’s Verses and Flow, and Louder than a Bomb. They have featured at venues across four continents, including Madison Square Garden, Sweden’s National Poetry Slam, Sanaa Africa Festival and The Apollo Theater. Widely published poets who have received a number of honors (including Pushcart nominations and Fulbright Fellowships), our artists bring a wealth of collective experience as organizers and educators who have worked to establish spoken word as a tool for critical engagement and entertainment.


BROWN GIRLS– A webseries that I wrote and co-created. The first season is available now. Watch here.



LET ME LOVE ME Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 12.13.15 PM.png

Let Me Love Me is a nude photo project for people of color, exploring our relationship with our bodies, beauty, and self-love.


REFLEKS WRITING GROUP was started by Fatimah Asghar and Una Delic in the fall of 2011 in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Its was a bilingual Spoken Word Poetry and storytelling group that meets weekly in the Sarajevo War Theater.  Through sharing writing, our participants were able to grow together as writers and have pushed each other to think in more nuanced ways and express themselves about a variety of topics, including identity, place, politics, home, body, and society. Through a supportive writing environment we fostered productive dialogue, encouraged new innovative writers, and showed that the act of storytelling is fundamental in community building.


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