Two Poems in The Margins

Hello all!


I am so pleased to have two poems up in The Margins, an amazing literary journal associated with the Asian American Writers Workshop.

Both of these poems are very close to my heart. One is called “For Peshawar”, for the school bombing that happened in Peshawar in December 2014. The other one is about being an orphan. Please check them out!

Book Recommendation: Ladan Osman’s The Kitchen-Dweller’s Testimony

What a gift Ladan Osman has given us with her debut collection The Kitchen-Dweller’s Testimony. Ladan is both of and above this earth: her poems float above us as they make observations about the situations and life she lays out, as well as deal with the very tangible reality of living on this earth as a woman of color and immigrant. Her work is inquisitive, gently exploring the world around her.  Her language is also full of play, teasing, joyful, blending both the divine and the secular.

This is a wonderful read, one that I would encourage all readers to explore.



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New Poem in POETRY Magazine

Check out my poem Pluto Shits on The Universe published in POETRY Magazine. It is part of an incredible anthology I am a part of called The Break Beat Poets which everyone needs to check out. The poems in here are heart wrenching, alive, just so necessary, Its a great book to teach from, and I am sure you will be hearing from these writers for many years.


Also, I currently am part of a project with the Poetry Foundation Called Chicago 77, which if you are in Chicago you should make sure to check out!