Three Poems in The Rumpus.

“Land Where My Father Died” in BuzzFeed Reader

“WWE” in Academy of American Poets 

“My Love For Nature” in POETRY Magazine

Two poems in Adroit Journal

Sunday School at Public Pool

All Men Die in Diagram

America in Split This Rock

If Ever I Should Have A Child With A White Person in the Nashville Review

Dear Phillis Wheatley and Rewind/ Play in Pinwheel

A Special “Let Me Love Me” Themed Heart Journal Issue I Curated

“For Peshawar” and “Super Orphan” in The Margins.

“Instructions” in HYSTERIA.

“Pluto Shits on the Universe.” in POETRY Magazine.

“Super Orphan” in The Offing. 

“Pluto Shits on the Universe,” “Unemployment Poem,” and “When Tip Drill Comes on at the Frat Party.” In the BreakBeat Poets Anthology. 

“Oregon Trail” & Three Hermione Poems in FreezeRay Poetry Journal

“He Who Is Good With Swords” in The Paris-American

“Finally, the Jellyfish Speaks.” in Drunken Boat

“4th Grade Advice”, “He Huffed and He Puffed,” and “Unemployment Poem #1” in CAP Magazine

“Dry,” “For Jonylah Watkins,” “An Ode to Granny Panties,” “An Ode to the Brazilian Wax” in Radius

“Unemployment Poem #2” in Word Riot

“Forgiveness” in “Muzzle Magazine”

“Taking Roots” in “Fringe Magazine”

“Daughter” in “DecomP Magazine”

“The Way Politeness Wears,” “A Guide To Marriage,” “Apple Peeling” and “Falling into Flight” in The Legendary

“How Furniture Feels,” in Used Furniture Review

“Sarajevo Stands Trial For The Charges Against It” in Phantom Limb

“Engram” in VISIONS magazine


A book review of Jenny Boully’s book “The Book of Beginnings and Endings” in Orange Quarterly!

An interview of Laura Brown-Lavoie in Orange Quarterly!


Brown Girls Season One


“We Own All The Language In The World” Tedx Talk




“Forgive Me” and “For Jonylah Watkins” at the Nantucket Project

Nantucket Project

“Monophobia” at the 2013 National Poetry Slam

“For Jonylah Watkins” at 2013 Rustbelt Slam

“Kinds of Light” at 2013 Salsation Slam

“Backwater Blues” at the 2011 Wade-Lewis Regional Slam

“New Fairytale” at the 2011 Providence Slam Poetry Finals

“Zooming Out” with Matt Garza and Jamila Woods


“In The Rubble” in “Muzzle Magazine”

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