Book 1: Francine Harris

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been reading a lot lately and wanted to highlight a book everyday this week that I feel like should be on everyones radar. The first one is:

Allegiance by Francine J Harris

“but, i am not all guilty.

nor can i be all sea.

this is just

a bone song. one we can both whistle along the skin to

in a skulk drag, down

through the rift.”

– From Sift

Francine Harris can write ya’ll. She does so with unbelievable honesty, not afraid to dip into the gritty and vulgar, using everyday language in a surprisingly gut wrenching poetic way.  Her poems are incredibly accessible and make you feel very alive, very human, and very woman.

“here comes the mailman.

fuck his footsteps. “

– From  There is always someone, that’s the problem.

Its like- what??? Who has the balls to say that? Most of the poems in this book are short and incredibly effective.  At times Francine dips into a more prosaic and narrative voice, while still keeping the poetic imagery very much alive throughout.  Throughout the book she also experiments with form and approach to storytelling, which keeps the reader engaged and challenged the whole time.


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