Hello All!!

I am so sorry that I’ve been slacking! This month has already proven to be incredibly busy.  But, it’s national poetry month!!  Which means, I’m going to bump up how many times that I am posting prompts to help out my people who are doing their 30/30s…
 Some of these prompts are going to be really whacky, some are going to be simple and straightforward. 

This one is going to be a pretty whacky one, so get ready!  Do each step as you read it, don’t jump ahead!!


(I mean it.)


1. Write what you know to be true.  The truest thing you know.


2. Convince the world of this truth.


3. Now, a light has come out of nowhere and you are suddenly and completely fucked in the head.  Your mind is altered. The only thing you know is whatever truth you knew before is wrong. You know have  to convince the world of this. Do it.



4. You have to build a machine that proves your untruth.  This is the only thing that will save the world.  Build it.


5. The machine opens its mouth and an alien comes out. What does it say?


6. The light comes back again.  Its blinding, and it spills everywhere. You’re walking in it now.  What happens?



happy writing!


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