Magical Realism Prompt

“You Must Stay Drunk On Writing So That Reality Cannot Destroy You.”

-Ray Bradbury

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay in publishing a writing prompt! A lot of my writing veers on what I think people consider as “Magical Realism”, though I know that term is really weighted and complicated. Here is a prompt that I used during a writing workshop I led at Brown called “Drunk on Writing,” after the Bradbury quote above.

Writing Prompt:

1. Write a list of things you remember vividly, but could not have possibly happened.

2. Pick one of this situations, and write a list of images in that situation.

3. Take one of those images and elaborate, pushing past the logic of the original situation if you must.

4. Use this language to speak about your memory, personifying the impossible as truth.

Let me know how this goes!



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