Writing prompt- Personal Letter

Hello All!

A lot of people have asked me recently how to be ‘un-gaurded’ in writing, how to allow yourself to reach a certain vulnerability in writing and performance that rings emotionally true. I love deeply personal writing: both hearing it and writing it myself, partially because I feel like I never really know about how I feel about something unless I write about it.

So here is part of a workshop that I did with the amazingly talented playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis, (author of The Motherfucker with the Hat). Stephen had us all write on this, and it was a very challenging exercise that got people writing from a really emotional place.


STEP ONE: Make a list of people that you have something that is unresolved with.  Someone who you need to say something to but haven’t yet, or feel like you can’t.

STEP TWO: Pick someone from that list, and write them a letter.  Let your mind go wherever you want, and know that they will never read it.





(I’m serious)



STEP THREE: Now, write another letter responding to the letter you just wrote. It has to be in their voice, back to you.  They have to respond.  (None of this ‘oh, but he’s a dick and would never respond.’ MAKE them respond.)

STEP FOUR: Read both letters together.


Hope this helps!



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