Poetry Festivals and Hiking!

This weekend was crazy!   I went to the International Poetry Festival hosted by the Italian Embassy and got to hear a lot of poetry. Some of it was really good- including this woman who was a desaparacido in Chile and had some beautiful poems about a lot of things including a really dope poem about Salvador Allende. I’m so glad I speak Spanish because a lot of the poetry was in Spanish. There was also this woman from San Fran who had a really funny poem about a guy having sex with a donkey because he couldn’t afford to have a wife. There was this English poet I really liked that had a funny poem that went something like this:

“people ask me where I got my great talent from.
I say, I had two grandfathers.
One was a stutterer.
The other one was….
(long pause)

The Bosnian poets seemed to be really good but I couldn’t understand them, just got a loose translation from my friend Flavia who was translating from the Italian translation of their poems. The other poets weren’t very good.

On Saturday I woke up early to go to this waterfall 11km from Sarajevo with a couple of friends. The hike was fun but pretty long- about 16km total trail time and up pretty steep hills. But the waterfall was really nice and we brought a blanket and food so sat out in the warm hills for a while. It was really beautiful being up there and just being surrounded by these gorgeous mountains.

That night I met up with my friend Adam and his coworkers. We went out to a couple of places and it was so great to enjoy Sarajevo night life with really cool Bosnians who showed us good places to go. It was a really fun night and I got to meet a lot of people.

On Sunday I saw my friend Emin, who I worked with last summer in Germany. He just finished his masters and I met a lot of his friends who are all mostly living around Sarajevo. They talked to me a lot about the University of Sarajevo and some cultural things. Emin taught me some bad words in Bosnian which I already managed to forget. We went to lunch and then I met up with one of my faculty mentor’s friends who is interested in poetry. She was super interested in my research and in the stuff I want to do here with Spoken Word and is going to put me in touch with a really cool theater in the area. It was really great to talk to her and really refreshing to hear her ideas about my research and about art itself. But I realized how lucky I am to have the community of writers that I do. She asked me who some of my favorite poets were and it was a magical feeling to say that they were some of my closest friends and members of our little WORD! community.


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