The first thing to be said about Sarajevo is that the mountains here are gorgeous. I flew over on the smallest plane I have ever seen and was super groggy because I had just been on two flights before. But passing over the mountains was absolutely magical- there are trees everywhere and during the day it seems like the mountain peaks just blend straight into the fog. Its incredibly nice to see it everyday and to also feel like I’m the only one that keeps checking to make sure that they are still there while everyone else thinks of them as so normal they just continue to go about their days.

The first night I went out with the other fulbrighter Kammi to meet a friend at the Goldfish Bar, which is one of the coolest bars I have ever been too. Sarajevo has amazing cafes and bars that are super artistic and uniquely decorated. Our German friend told us about the work that he’s doing in Mostar for his doctoral thesis. Bosnia is divided among several political lines that have ethnic roots- there’s Republika Srpska (which is pretty centralized and is making a bid for autonomy, mostly populated by Bosnian Orthodox Serbs), and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which can be broken down into Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar is in Herzegovina and is a pretty divided city because both Croats (Roman Catholics) and Bosniaks (Muslims) live there.  This country is really fascinating when considering questions of the modern nation state and community building. There are some cool theater groups in Mostar that do Theater of the Oppressed work that I really want to check out.


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